Medical Facility Painting

We understand the busy flow and the particular needs of the medical facilities we service. This may include industrial strength floor coatings and other products that facilitate sanitation as well as heavy use.

  • Removing wallpaper
  • Repairing plaster / drywall
  • Minor exterior / interior carpentry services
  • Maintenance painting
  • Surface prep
  • Cleaning / power washing

Hospitality Industry Painting

There are several different factors to keep in mind when choosing a painting service for your commercial, hospitality-related project. We understand that your business has unique hours that demand flexibility.

  • High-end restaurants
  • Hotels, motels, inns, and other lodging
  • Transportation services
  • Tourism businesses and services
  • Event planning
  • Retail shops

Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painting projects can be complex jobs. We understand the procedures entailed and our professional painters are fully equipped to tackle any size industrial painting project.

  • Coatings designed for high performance
  • Machinery / equipment painting
  • Wood finishing
  • Minor repairs, interior and exterior
  • High-end, specialty finishes
  • Communication with our clients

Educational Facility Painting Services

Scheduling a renovation around a busy school schedule can pose a significant challenge. Whatever works best for you and your students, we’ll make happen. Our professional team handles interior and exterior painting projects.

  • Durable coatings to withstand heavy traffic
  • Replacing façade sealant
  • Grout crack sealing
  • Grout work
  • Full repainting / refurbishing services
  • Color scheme consultations

Property Management Painting Services

As a property manger, we know obtaining professional painting can be stressful as you have to deal with residents and renters, we understand this conflict. Be sure to ask about our line of green, eco-conscious paints as well. We’ll work hard to serve you with excellence

  • We make sure to minimize stress & disruption, working around your schedule.
  • We offer exterior painting services for all surfaces and other exterior features.
  • We offer interior painting services for all rooms, baths, kitchens, & so on.
  • We also provide a plethora of maintenance services, in addition to complete renovation / refurbishment.